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Tour Dates

Tour Dates

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Hear what schools are saying about the program.

“I’ve never worked harder in my life.  But, it was very rewarding to help out as a fill-in guitarist for the program and see the positive impact it has on so many teens.”  – Daniel Ingram (Survive This)

“I for one, and I believe the entire student body, enjoyed how up-beat the show was!” – Wahlquist JHS SBO

“The musicians were great roll-models for our students to see, and great model for our kids to follow.” – Elizabeth Reineke, Band Director

“Two kids were excited to thank me for bringing the band to our school!  Because for a lot of this kids, this was there first rock concert experience.” – Gene Howley,  Band Director, Garside JHS

“This program has SO MUCH potential to make a HUGE positive impact on a teenager’s life.”  – Adam Bagley

“A very unique and amazing program which I will continue to support to make it a success!” – Larry Wiley  Utah State Representative

“Thanks so much for coming to our school!” – Student

“What an amazing program!  We look forward to continue support of the program, and advocating it’s fundraising efforts for sustainability.” – Good Things 4 Utah, ABC News

“I thought their message was wonderful; that school’s important, music connects to education, for them to explore their future, to make music a part of their lives, and whatever they do to give their best.  To whatever they do in their careers, to find & do something they love and are passionate about!”  – Vince Howard, Principal, Eagle Rock JHS

“After my first week on tour, I knew this is something very special and I knew wanted to dedicate myself to.”  – Ferril Davis,  MMM Ambasador Artist / Spokesperson

  • Survive This
  • Wahlquist JHS Student Body Officers
  • Band Director – Bailey Middle School
  • Gene Howley – Band Director, Garside JHS
  • Board Member
  • Utah State Legislator
  • Del Norte High School
  • ABC News
  • Eagle Rock JHS
  • Ferril


See the impact the program is making.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Continuing Education

  • 47% of students agreed that MMM helped them realize how important a good education is. 47%
Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Music & Arts

  • 25% of students that were not already involved with music reported they were more likely to get involved with in-school music programs. 25%


Drug Free

  • 68% of teenagers claimed that they are less likely to get involved with drugs compared to before the MMM assembly. 68%